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How Our Technology Works

The Tagible Software Collects the Best Media Content from Across the Web

Tagible is a technology platform that is able to collect the best rich media content from across the web for every destination on the planet.  This includes but is not limited to Destinations, Attractions, Things to Do, Events, Hotels, Places to Eat and Geographical Features.  The content includes Videos, Photos and amazing 360 degree panos.  

Interactive Keywords

Whether you're talking about destinations like Denver, Colorado or Paris, France or attractions like Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Eiffel Tower or Alcatraz Island,  any text in your website is an opportunity to share the best aspects of your tour, property or location.   With Tagible installed, any keyword can be made interactive with rich media content.

If you haven’t already, hover over the words and start viewing!

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Point of Interest Mapping

We realize that not all website have the same amount of plain text and so we have also developed a solution that helps Brands extract their favorite POI's around the proximity of their property or location. The old static maps are a thing of the past. Let your consumers interact and have fun with all your content.   

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Branded Media Players

All of the content is professionally curated and effortlessly displayed within your website via a branded media player. Your look and feel will be matched seamlessly to your website and your consumers will be excited to explore.

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Social Sharing and Click Throughs

Besides increased engagement, users are able to share content via text, email or to their favorite social networks.  All attribution from these shares comes back to your website.  The Tagible technology also provides easy access to any Call to Action (CTA) that you would like to promote through out your site increasing your conversion rate.

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Search Engine Optimization

Since Tagible is providing instant content to your website that engages your users, it only makes sense that we also provide an increased SEO value. Engagement and time on site are only half the battle. Tagible will also index all your new content and build a content site map.

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Tagible provides a robust analytics package built in for you to see the impact of the technology on your site. This includes the ability to A/B test your users.  If you already have a nice analytics platform, let Tagible augment what you already have and add to your view.  

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Who We Work With

Travel Companies

We help Travel Agencies, OTA's, Tour Operators, DMO's and CVB's effortlessly engage their audience.   


We help Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Rentals, Management Companies, Hotels and Camp Grounds effortlessly engage their audience. 

Real Estate

We help Residential, Commercial, Apartment Listing and MLS's effortlessly engage their audiences with rich media.  

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