Why Should I Care About Video?

Businesses across all types of industries are being told that they need to use video to engage their customers, communicate with their employees, and grow their brand. In spite of this push towards video a large majority of businesses have been slow to adopt video. So why is video so important?

The Growth of Video

Today, technology has made it easy for the average Joe to shoot, edit, and upload any video from a waterskiing squirrel to ‘Charlie Bit my Finger’ to videos about a company’s latest product. To put the growing importance of video into perspective, according to YouTube, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. That is 123 years worth of video every day. More content is uploaded to YouTube in a month than the 3 major US networks have created in the past 60 years. Furthermore, the number of hours people are watching on YouTube every month is up 50% year over year.

How are Businesses Using Video?

Companies are dedicating significant amounts of marketing budgets to video production to better tell their story, educate consumers, and highlight upcoming product releases. These videos improve websites and make marketing campaigns more effective. Websites with video keep 88% of visitors longer, while generating 90% higher click-through rates (SCGPR). One in four marketers use video in email campaigns, while marketers who do not use video say that the lack of video is their number one reason why they do not using video in marketing efforts (Invodo).

How are Consumers Engaging with Video

Video has become the medium of choice for consumers – its easy to consume, it communicates more effectively, and provides a personalized element. According to a recent study, visual content is processed in the human brain 60,000 times faster than text (Wyzowl). Because it’s so easy to watch and understand video it is no wonder why video is shared 1,200% more times than links and text combined (Simply Measured).

So why is video so important?

The amount of video being produced and uploaded to the Internet has exploded and is only continuing to grow. Businesses around the world realize that they need to invest in video because it leads to longer engagement on their websites and better conversions from marketing campaigns. Finally, consumers find that video is the easiest and preferred medium in which to engage businesses.

Video is so important because not only does it get better marketing results than other content types, but it’s the content of choice for your clients.