Branded Media Player

Trying to find the right size, look and location for your media player to deliver the right content is always a hassle and time consuming. It also requires a lot of upkeep. The Tagible technology and media player relieve you of all these stresses and seamlessly delivers content at the right time and in the right location.



Tired of the technologies that build a one size fits all look and feel? Tagible will custom build your media player so that it fits nicely into your site, looks perfect and matches your strategy.


Whether you want to deliver your content or all the content that Tagible has organized and curated, our media player will easily deliver pictures, panoramas and video on demand at at the click of a button


The Tagible technology has taken care of everything.  Our media player performs nicely in all mediums so that everyone will get the content on all devices


With the Tagible media player you don’t need to spend any time finding room on your site to deliver content to the right spot.   It integrates seamlessly into your existing site without any formatting changes. 

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