Simple Integration

Without building a time consuming and expensive API or making room on your already organized site, the Tagible technology integrates in less than 5 minutes and matches your look and feel without impacting load times.


Single Line of Code

Tagible is single line of code integration that can easily be installed within mintues using your favorite tag manager such as GTM or directly into the body of your site. 


API’s are expensive and time consuming to build in order to access to data that you don’t have room for anyway. The tagible technology removes the need for an API.

No Site Changes

You don’t need to change a thing on your website to find room for Tagible.  We deliver content on demand through keywords without you needed to do anything to your site. 


Do you need the technology up and running quickly?  Add the line of code and see the impact in less than a day. 

Schedule a Demo Today

Someone from our team would be happy to personally show you the in’s and out’s of how Tagible can help your business. 

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