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Real Estate is often described as “location, location, location” so why not build on that and deliver all that the customer wants in a location. Not only do they want to see a great listing, home, apartment or office building but they want to know how close they are to all the amenities and what they look like. Don’t let your client go find all the content when you can deliver it to them on demand.


What does the local school, park and shopping center look like? Can I see the local restaurants and how far away they are? NOW YOU CAN!


Showcase all the local restaurants, parks and watering holes so that companies have more to offer their employees when renting or buying a building.

Apartment Listings

Apartments rent quicker and longer when residents know they are surrounded by some cool places to hang out.


All the information right at your fingertips including the surrounding points of interest that play into the value of a house.

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